Géraldine Puel

Communication, graphic design,

Web design and Web marketing.

Logos, graphic charts…

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Logos, graphic charts
Softwares : Photoshop and Illustrator

Flyers, posters, kakemonos...

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Flyers, posters, kakemonos…
Softwares : Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

Web sites, Web adverts...

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Web sites, Web adverts...
HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and Javascript/Jquery

Portraits, landscapes, travels…

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Portraits, landscapes, voyages...


and I?

Where to start? Well, I was born in the South of France in Béziers, a cathar city, the cradle of my origins.

EDUC After the bac (equivalent of high school diploma), I decided to study in the field of multimedia and all its branches. I earned several academic degrees, all focusing on the new technologies (web, video, graphics, etc.). I finished my university cursus in Canada, at the University of Montreal.

PRO EXP My professional experience has offered me the opportunity to work in every field of communication: from Web to printing, from marketing to video editing. Fascinated by this ever changing field, I seek to make commercial or cultural entities known through a simple word or image. I worked in France and in other countries in Asia like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

THE WEB AND I I am constantly alerted by hundreds of RSS fluxes and Twitter feeds, which sustain my thirst for knowledge in my field of expertise: web design, Web 2.0, Search Engine Registration, web marketing, visual creation, graphic design, etc. And I freely share this technological development monitoring by writing about it on different websites.

SKILLS Communication, marketing and Web marketing, creation of print, video and Web communication supports.

LANGUAGES French, english, spanish and occitan.


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